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Currently obsessed with: -Teen Wolf -Haikyuu!! -Dramatical Murder -Percy Jackson Argentina. Me considero friki y algo nerd cuando me lo propongo. Don't understimate my ability to watch extensive shows in a ridicously short amount of time. Et aussi je peux parler français, s'il vous plaît si vous êtes francophone, parle français :3

Things I like

I did a drawing I’m enough proud of to upload hell yeah
Virginia Dare everyone! Also headcanon time: I don’t know how is her flute supposed to look like, but I always pictured it looking like a mix between a Tarka and a Quena, wich are both instruments from the native peoples of South America, always used in andine music. I guess i’ve got this headcanon because her flute is said to be extremely ancient and these instruments are even pre-Inca which is pretty ancient ok.

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